Langley WA 98260

Bio: I am starting a journey to re define my life after having 3 people pass away from very harsh complications of personal illness in their lives. I am creative, thoughtful , and able to express interesting empathetic responses to quite a few questions, and will often have a real time ability to give a decent response to your conversation or the topic you wish to discuss. I tend not to believe in people who are users, or in the throws of tearing other people down to get what they want out of life. I believe we all have eminent domain over our own destiny and also must be able to accept the magic of the un certain influence of fate as our lives progress. All people have a true relationship with their own focus of God, Religion, or their personal credo that they live by. I hope to make new friends, develope lasting relationships over time, and most of all be wealthy in terms not defined by cash, but the Wealth of people I know, who regard possible real time worthy endeavors, and most of all can let loose with the real thoughts that are in their minds. I am not whole unless I can be creative each day, in art, music, talking with my dogs Vincenzo and Kiara, or being able to help my other half get through his challenges each day. Be forthright and able to converse about your self, and you will get plenty of imput from me on many different levels. Best Regards, John Stark

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